Next Generation Sequencing
Solexa experiments capable of generating in excess of 60 million reads per run.
We are currently analysing data in the following application areas
  • ChIP-Seq: Sequencing of protein bound DNA fragments.
  • RNA-Seq: Sequencing of RNA to determine transcript abundance.
  • Resequencing: Genome scale resequencing to identify genomic variants.
  • miRNA: Characterisation and quantification of small regulatory RNA moleclues.
  • 4C: Structurally associated DNA sequencing.
Microarray Analysis
We offer a comprehensive microarray analysis service for expression, CGH, tiling, SNP and methylation arrays.
Microarray services
  • Experimental Design: Getting the most out of your experiment.
  • Expression: Identifying condition dependent mRNA changes.
  • CGH: Finding regions of genomic loss and gain across samples.
  • Tiling Arrays: Localising protein-DNA interations via ChIP-on-chip.
  • SNP Arrays: Determining genotype, copy number variation and loss of heterozygosity.
Functional Analysis
Interpreting your data in the context of pathways and biological processes.
Tools and techniques
  • Pathway Analysis: Identifying functional signatures within your list of genes.
  • GeneGo: Pathway analysis software.
  • Transcription Factor Analysis: Identifying putative binding motifs within target promoter sequences.
Biological Sequence Analysis
Gene and protein level analysis using genome, sequence and annotation databases.
Problems we solve
  • Searching for novel homologues/orthologues.
  • Protein characterisation.
  • Promoter analysis.
  • Help with genome browsers.
Additional Skills
We also have the following skills within the group that may be of use in your research.
Skills and expertise
  • Data visualisation and the production of publication quality figures.
  • Web development and the deployment of tools and data over the internet.
  • Computer programming expertise in R, Perl, C, Java, Python, PHP and Bash.
  • Database programming and the storage of complex data.
Statistical analysis of your biological data.
Statistical advice
  • Experimental design.
  • Help deciphering the appropriate statistical method(s) to apply.
  • Advice on specialist software.
  • Statistical analysis of data.
  • Analysis of RNAi screens