It is often helpful to interpret your experimental data in terms of pathways and biological processes. We have access to a number of databases and tools enabling you to carry out the following:
  • Query well curated databases of protein-protein interactions derived from the latest scientific literature.
  • Identify statistically enriched pathways and processes.
  • Visualise your data as an interactive protein network.
  • Overlay your genomic data.


To enable this approach we have licences for two proprietary interaction databases, namely Metacore from GeneGo and IPA from Ingenuity. Both are curated databases of protein-protein and protein-gene interactions and come with a suite of tools for identifying biological signatures in sets of genes. The licence agreements we have are flexible and allow access over the web enabling you to interact with your results yourself. If you are interested in obtaining access please contact us to arrange an account. In addition there are many public domain data resources and tools available in this area that we have expertise in using.


If you would like access to GeneGo's Metacore please contact BABS to arrange an account. To get you started we offer one to one sessions on how to use the software. In addition GeneGo offer a free on-line training course to get you started.

Example 1

The cell cycle sister chromatid cohesion pathway found to be enriched using GeneGo in a gene list derived from a ChIPSeq experiment. Regulated genes are highlighted with red bars indicating ChIPSeq peak height.

Example 2

Genes involved in Blood vessel morphogenesis displayed as an interaction network using GeneGo. This collection of genes was found to be enriched within a set of genes identified by ChIPSeq. Each interaction is fully annotated with associated reference data and known pathways are highlighted.